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Japan Radiological Society (JRS) Activities for Radiation Protection in Medicine(Japan Safe)

  1. Educational Lectures on Radiation Protection and Biology
    For the educational purpose to the JRS members, we organize two educational lectures on radiation protection and biology at the Annual Meeting (every April) and the Autumn Assembly of the JRS per each, respectively (A total of four lectures/year).
  2. e-Learning Videos for Safe Use of Radiation in Medical Use
    In Japan, the Medical Service Act was revised in April 2020, and it requires institutes to appoint a person in charge of medical radiation safety management and to provide training for the safe use of radiation in medical use. JRS has produced e-Learning videos for this purpose and made them available to the JRS members free of charge. A total of 1,101 institutes used these videos to conduct training at the site from July 2020 to April 2022.
    The content of e-Learing video is as follows:
    1. Basic approach to dealing with medical exposure
    2. Justification and optimization of radiation in medical practice
    3. Radiation dose management and optimization in medical practice
    4. Treatment of overexposure to radiation in medical practice
    5. Information sharing between medical staff and patients
  3. Development of National Diagnostic Reference Levels in Japan (Japan DRLs)
    In cooperation with Japan Network for Research and Information on Medical Exposure (J-RIME), JRS developed a Japan DRLs. The 2015 and 2020 version of Japan DRLs have been published and the 2025 version is now preparing.
  4. Accreditation of Diagnostic Imaging Management
    JRS implements Accreditation of Diagnostic Imaging Management for institutes. A total of 186 institutes are accredited as meeting the requirements of "Proper management of medical exposure" in FY2021.