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European Society of Radiology(ESR/ECR)

European Society of Radiology(ESR/ECR)

【ESR Information】(2022.5.17付)

New dates announced for ECR 2023, 2024 & 2025

Vienna, Austria - May 12, 2022 – The European Society of Radiology has announced the future dates of the European Congress of Radiology for the upcoming three years. As in 2022, where ECR will take place on July 13-17, future ECR’s will continue to be held in July.

The upcoming dates for ECR 2023-25 are as follows:
ECR 2022: July 13-17
ECR 2023: July 5-9
ECR 2024: July 3-7
ECR 2025: July 2-6

The decision to hold ECR in the summer was made by the ESR primarily with considerations related to the pandemic. By organising a congress in the summer months, the society is able to hold the event under the most favourable conditions, to ensure a safe and secure meeting for all participants. By fixing this for the next three years the ESR can ensure continuity and stability for all those attending ECR and the team that organises the ECR.

Summer congresses provide new and exciting opportunities for the congress and its participants. The ESR is looking forward to taking advantage of the warmer weather to deliver an innovative and original meeting experience at all future ECRs.

The European Congress of Radiology 2022 will take place on July 13-17 as an onsite and online congress. Registration for the event is still open here. To take advantage of reduced early fees, those wishing to attend the congress should register before the deadline of May 18.


【ESR Information】(2022.2.2付)


【ESR Information】(2022.1.27付)

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More opportunities to present research as abstract submission reopened for ECR 2022

Following the decision to hold two ECR events in 2022, the ESR has reopened abstract submission for its onsite congress in July. Abstract submission for ECR 2022, to be held on July 13-17 in Vienna, is now open. Aspiring presenters will have until March 16 to submit their abstracts and take advantage of the opportunity to present their research at the congress.

The decision to offer two ECR events in 2022 was made due to the developing epidemiological situation in Europe. To ensure that ECR 2022 can be held under the safest and most favourable conditions, the onsite congress has been postponed until July. A second online ECR event, the ECR 2022 Overture, will take place on the original dates of March 2-6 and will offer attendees a glimpse of what is to come at ECR’s grand return to Vienna in the summer.

Reopening abstract submission for ECR 2022 ensures that the congress will feature the most up-to-date scientific research and discoveries from the world of imaging, explains ESR President Prof. Regina Beets-Tan. “As the European Congress of Radiology has always been an exhilarating and wide-reach global stage for scientists to present their work, we wish to offer the opportunity to as many colleagues as possible to present ground-breaking science on an international stage”, she stated. “With critical breakthroughs and advancements happening rapidly in radiology each and every day we will ensure that ECR 2022 in July is packed, not only with state of the art and advanced education, but also with cutting-edge science from our medical field”. You can read Prof. Beets-Tan’s full announcement on the reopening of abstract submission here.

For those who already had an abstract accepted for ECR 2022 during the original abstract submission period, their presentation remains fully scheduled as planned. Nevertheless, they are also encouraged to submit additional abstracts if they have new research or insights to share with congress participants.

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the ECR 2022 Programme Planning Committee and submitters will be contacted after the deadline.

To submit an abstract for ECR 2022 or learn more about this opportunity, please click here.


【ESR Information】(2021.6.29付)

ESR celebrates return to in-person meetings with ECR 2021 Summer Edition

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 - A packed three-day programme awaits onsite and online attendees of the European Congress of Radiology 2021 Summer Edition taking place from July 1-3. The congress will take on the three fascinating topics of interventional, cardiovascular and neuroradiology in an event inspired by ECR’s popular ‘Cube’ concept. The event is organised by Programme Director, Prof. Christian Loewe, and coordinators Dr. Maximilian de Bucourt and Prof. Majda M. Thurnher under the patronage of Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger in his function as ESR Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The congress will feature a mix of educational sessions and hands-on interactive experiences, interwoven with segments on news and innovations, entertaining interludes, demos and, of course, live discussions with some of the world’s most renowned experts in radiology. The full programme can be viewed here.

The meeting, will take place in Vienna at the MuTh, home of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, and the ESR is delighted to host more than 100 onsite attendees, the first ESR event with onsite attendance since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Strict safety measurements and regulations have been put in place for the congress, which marks a step back to normalcy for the ECR.

As well as onsite attendance, the congress will also be broadcast across the world as it seeks to cater to radiologists worldwide through virtual attendance opportunities whilst also offering the same unique personal experience that only an onsite event can provide.

The ECR 2021 Summer Edition serves as test run for future events organised by the European Society of Radiology such as the upcoming ECR 2022.

Joining us at the congress will also be a range of exhibitors who will offer fascinating insights into their latest products and services at our brand-new Simulator Adventure Park. In addition to a variety of devices such as tubes and catheters, simulators such as the Corindus CorPath GRX Robotic PCI System powered by Siemens will also be on display. Participants will have the opportunity to work with the provided materials and devices under the guidance of tutors.

In addition to a packed scientific programme, the congress will also premiere Vienna Waits For You a very special project hosted by ESR Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger. Through six fascinating episodes, he will journey through some of the city's most famous sights to explore and experience the wonders of the Vienna State Opera, the Augarten, the Austrian National Library, the Third Man Museum, the Leopold Museum and the Spanish Riding School.

Viewers will discover that Austria’s capital is not only the home of European radiology, but also a treasure chest of culture, history, and art. Vienna Waits For You will be available to watch on ESR Connect from July 1.

Those still wishing to register for the ECR 2021 Summer Edition can do so here.


【ESR Information】(2021.6.23付)

Curriculum for Undergraduate
Radiological Education
June 2021 Edition

The ESR is proud to announce the publication of the updated version of the Undergraduate Curriculum for Radiological Education. This new iteration of the Curriculum represents a culmination of the ESR efforts aimed at harmonising undergraduate radiological education. The revision process was led by Prof. Vicky Goh, Chair of the ESR Undergraduate Education Subcommittee, and Prof. Minerva Becker, Chair of the ESR Education Committee, with the support of the members of the ESR Undergraduate Education Subcommittee.

The June 2021 edition of the Curriculum delivers a full and comprehensive update aimed at aligning the Curriculum with the current state of undergraduate education in Europe. As was the case with previous version, this document is designed to provide a valuable template and a set of guidelines for teachers.

Despite the changes caused by the global pandemic, with the publishing of the updated version of the Undergraduate Curriculum the ESR once again reaffirms its commitment to promoting radiology through pre and postgraduate education and research and consequently enhancing the quality of care for patients throughout Europe.


【ESR Information】               (2017.8.7付)




2018年度の欧州放射線学会議(ECR 2018)のスローガンは、Diverse & United で、我々の専門分野における国際的な多様性を強調するものです。当学会は、医療映像の分野がより強力に成長するために、最新の技術に関する知識が必須であると確信しています。ESRが提供する「ECR Online」システムは、世界中の医療従事者の皆様が3000件を超える講義を、無料で視聴することができるようになっております。

ESRでは、日本やその他の国の放射線科医、放射線技師、物理学者の皆様がゲスト(Corresponding member)として登録していただければ無料で、下記の多くのメリットを得ることができます。


ESR presidentおよびECR 2018 president Bernd Hamm教授

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